We started with one frustration and a big idea

We saw friends and family tucking into so-called healthy snacks that were full of unhealthy ingredients.

So they went on a mission to create a great tasting, protein-rich, sugar free ice cream that was good for you. Today Wheyhey! makes ice cream for everyone living outrageously well – the busy mums and the commuters, the 6am gym-goers AND the sweet-toothed cravers.

Wheyhey! isn’t just about providing a tasty and fun way to get more protein into your diet, it’s about enabling you to live a healthier, more outrageous life.

Do what makes you feel great. Test your limits. Challenge yourself. Say Yes!

Because a strong, healthy body allows us to do amazing things – let’s use it.


Frustrated with friends and family tucking into so-called “healthy” snacks, the guys dreamt up the idea of making a high protein, sugar free ice cream. With a few clicks on eBay, they were the proud owners of a second hand ice cream machine. Long nights, suspicious deliveries of bags of white powder and a flat coated in mix later, they finally did it…Wheyhey!

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