Wheyhey recipes that will knock your socks off!

Here’s some news that is going to make your weekends that little bit better… scrap that, a whole lot better!

From now on, our new and very lovely Wheyhey Chefs, plucked from the finest of crowds, will become your new best friend! Please put your spoons together and give a big welcome to Sam, Heather, Pamela and Teddy & Alex.

They’re here to let us in on their best kept secrets with these recipes. Be it a post-workout snack, a healthy alternative after dinner dessert, or just as an extra little delight you fancy – at any time of day! Because who says you can’t have ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner – when it’s treating both yourself and your body!

Every Saturday morning, we will have a new Wheyhey creation for you to get your hands on. Grab your mixing bowl, an ice cream scoop, of course some Wheyhey and get ready to scoff down your mix.

I know you’re keen to get stuck in, so we’ll leave you in the safe hands of our Wheyhey Chefs. Roll on the weekends, send in a snap and let’s see what you can create. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!


Psstt! Don’t forget to lick the spoon.. and the bowl.. and your fingers! We wont judge

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