Wheyhey!’s Favourite Banana Split Recipe

When cravings hit at the end of a long day, you could be forgiven for wanting the lazy option. The trouble is that the lazy option is often the unhealthy one. These late night moments of weakness can be enough to halt your hard earned progress. That is why you need a few quick desserts in your repertoire that won’t sabotage your healthy diet.
Heavenly Desserts Never Felt So Easy!


“It has bananas in it so it’s healthy right?…right?”. Not quite. A traditional banana split, made with banana, three types of ice cream and lots of syrup, is loaded with sugar and calories. But just because you are keeping fit doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. At Wheyhey! we are all about healthy desserts that are even better than the real thing.


We have included some topping suggestions so you can pack your plate full of tasty goodness. Get creative, stay on track and enjoy!


What Do I Need?

– Two Bananas

– Half a tub of Wheyhey! chocolate ice cream

– Half a tub of Wheyhey! vanilla ice cream

– Healthy Toppings (Optional)

– Strawberries

– Blueberries

– Raspberries

– Goji berries

– Pralines

– Tbsp of chia seeds

– Hazelnuts

– Cacao nibs


What Do I Do?
  • Split the bananas lengthways.
  • Place the banana halves on a plate or long narrow bowl with the curled ends facing up.
  • Push two of the halves either side to leave room for the protein ice cream.
  • Scoop in your Wheyhey! vanilla ice cream and Wheyhey! chocolate ice cream in between the bananas.
  • Top it all off with your healthy treats. You can make it as indulgent as you fancy.
  • Remember, life is for living outrageously well. Enjoy!


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